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Lessons on the True Love Path

On the True Love Path, the soulmates chose many lessons to learn from and with one another. 
Quite often True Love Soulmates carry what I like to call "Healer-Template" within their being. What means that they come to earth to bring greater healing to humanity and this planet and sometimes its for a very particular aspect.
The ones who
On the True Love Path, the soulmates chose many lessons to learn from and with one another.

Quite often True Love Soulmates carry what I like to call “Healer-Template” within their being. What means that they come to earth to bring greater healing through their own path to humanity (in different forms or ways) and this planet and sometimes its for a very particular aspect.

The ones who are consciously on the True Love Path most likely are focused on the goal to become True Love themselves, to embody the quality of pure and Greatest Love within themselves as well as other higher qualities like for example Greatest Forgiveness, Greatest Humility or Greatest Harmony.
They develop these qualities by learning lessons and going through different levels of self-healing and updates which are always also a contribution to the healing of entire ancestral lineage as well as parts of humanity.
For who ever masters a lesson and successfully heals a deep aspect or imbalance within themselves, creates a field inside out and radiates the healing frequency, the wisdom, the knowledge that comes from the experience as well as the higher vibration of understanding to the world.

The True Love Soulmates also pave the healing-path for many others to follow as they dive into healing of very common collective issues.

True Love Soulmates can chose from a big variety of human issues and they often decide to focus on some major issues such as lack of self-love, depression, codependency, anxiety, addictions and many more. Often they mirror each other the issue as well as frame the healing solution. They are teachers for one another and serve each other by creating situations for greater self- understanding and self-healing.

One ancient issue that the Divine Masculine energy has to heal, is the issue “guilt.”
When we think of the history of the human race, we realise that there has been a lot of harm caused to the feminine, including to the evolved and spiritual feminine, by the masculine, for example by publicly burning women in a fire.
How many judges have been women back then? How many executers were female? Not so many. On the other hand, many men have been standing around the fire and not speaking up for the women, not protecting them and their Divine gifts.

Protecting the Divine Feminine is one of the God given responsibilities of the Divine Masculine.

There was a great abuse of yang powers taking place over the last centuries and women were not only physically harmed but also betrayed of many things including basic rights to educate themselves, to study, to participate in public events, to vote and many more.

The historic examples alone demonstrate how much negative information has been accumulated by the masculine and how much guilt the masculine have created over centuries.

Guilt is a big topic for whole mankind but especially the yang representatives have accumulated a lot of guilt over the centuries, most of all in regards to the Divine Feminine through the abuse of yang power and by being verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually abusive towards the feminine.

Abuse has left deep wounds and trauma that the entire human race is asked to heal now collectively as its truly lowering the vibration of all human beings and Mother Earth and needs to be transformed in the ascension process of Mother Earth.

For the Divine Feminine one of the major themes is healing rejection. The Divine Feminine has experienced a lot of rejection on her path and some experiences have deeply shaken her self-confidence , self-love and caused her to abandon parts of her self.
There have been also many insecurities planted regarding the looks and outer appearance and most of all regarding the role of a women in the world and many women are deeply suffering under the opposing goals placed on them.

For the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine representatives, the deep healing of for instance these two issues could move them miles forward on their true love path, in their ability to embody deeper self-love and bring higher love to humanity.

Therefore some true love soulmates have agreed on the soul level to provide the situations and experiences that will bring up or trigger the guilt as well as the rejection-feelings or programmings. Situations that will force them to go deep within, apply forgiveness and let go of the ancient pain.

So they often create issues here on earth, by making choices that cause them to experience guilt and rejection. Cause when they can go through feeling these wounds, they can heal them.
The Divine Masculine (soulmate) for example could do something that deeply hurts the Divine Feminine or even pushes her away or causes her to leave…This could cause or trigger deep guilt and the masculine would have to apply self healing, introspection and of course forgiveness to release and heal those.

The Divine Feminine will have to master then the feelings of rejection, not feeling welcomed, not feeling good enough, not feeling loved etc. throughout the process.
The Divine Masculine when he loves the Divine Feminine Soulmate, will go through an awaking process, recognise the mistake, go through the lesson, feel regrets, guilt or even shame. When he focuses on healing those and correcting the mistake, he will liberate himself and many others from past mistakes that caused feelings of guilt and created the low vibration on earth.

Sometimes the Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine does not realise the task and process and gets stuck in the low vibrations.

The Divine Masculine for example could hold on to feelings of guilt and shame and then he subconsciously continues to create situations for himself and his true love soulmate that keep him in the guilt loop, that cause him to feel low, regretful and ashamed. His task is to awaken and to deeply heal the old programmings and imprints and to free himself from the guilt-counsciousness, so he no longer carries these information within and no longer creates such a field that causes him to repeat negative patterns. When one man goes through this process and fully frees himself, he has a positive healing impact on thousands of men with similar issues.

For the Divine Feminine its crucial to heal the wounds of rejection and other feelings that could come along with it like anger, resentment, fear, shame, unworthiness, depression and more and to deeply forgive all men.

Both soulmates are here to learn and heal and to apply what they have learned. They can expand their own healing field to others who are dealing with similar issues.
They are role models for those who still have to understand deeper the universal laws and principles and learn that forgiveness can bring freedom and peace and that paying the spiritual debts is essential for justice, love, peace and harmony on earth.

The most important key is to apply wisdom and spiritual practices and spiritual healing to transform the issues.
Tools like forgiveness meditation, chanting, self healing practices, as well as gratitude practices can provide deep healing and also support the soulmates in keeping their hearts open towards each other and all souls.

There is a great yin yang balancing still going on on earth right now and till the end of this year, where the True Love Soulmates heal ancient programmings and bring the healing frequencies related to those issues to Mother Earth.
Even though sometimes it appears like the True Love Soulmates are stuck in old cycles as they continue to repeat the same things over and over again, they aren’t, in fact they are going deeper in their individual self healing process and their service to transform the collective energies. Often they are blocked then and their issues keep them away from each other, while in fact their union could accelerate the healing process and bring great ease and fast transformation as their level of self reflection can help the other in their process.

How they can succeed on their path is by being aware of these facts, of what the souls have decided a long time before they came to earth and what healing path they have designed for them.
When the soulmates accept their path and focus on healing the issues, they will move on and finally unite.

When they are not aware of the issues and don´t preoritize healing and learning from the lessons, they could continue with unpleasant cycles, thoughts, words, actions and behaviours.

Luckily on the True Love Path, there is a great support from the universe and the soulmates help each other in many ways, including through signs, synchronicities and brave steps that reassure the love and rebuild trust, hope and faith constantly.

With my best wishes for your True Love Journey

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