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“I could not help but wonder” how come that people still constantly come up with a new a challenge they want others to join them in. Don’t they have enough real challenges in life? Are they bored or unfulfilled? Doesn’t life give them enough to deal with on a daily basis or does life give them too much and the real life challenges are soo  big and they are so overwhelmed to handle them and afraid to fail,  so the have to destruct themselves and have to invent new exciting challenges and self made opportunities to always succeed.

Cause when we are  honest, those so-called-challenges aren’t really those that challenge the ones who participate and any of their hidden skills, they only seem to challenge those who feel they are unwillingly bombarded by them.

I never wanted to be part of any of them but it really came to my mind to make a calling for a challenge to ask for: Stop sharing our nonsense and stop broad-casting our blockages just for one single day.

I am truly wondering how different and peaceful such a day would feel.

As three-D-world-challenges bother me, I tried to find out what they mirror me and I found its all about feeling loved and accepted and about belonging.

Everyone wants to be loved, unconditionally.

With everything we are doing we are subconsciously looking for being appreciated, loved and being acknowledged.

I knew this since my puberty… But how come there is so much love and likes and appreciation for things that seem to be just a revelation of our blockages, narcissistic expressions and public humiliation?

Now in times where there is so much to do and to take care of and where we have all the opportunities to shine light in the world and to join together to bring peace via so many channels and wide-spreading media, most of us stopped talking about what really matters and are boiling dream bubbles in a dream factory that is a huge fake industry and creates products since decades for a market that lives from our fears and insecurities.

Lately it became quite a challenge for me to navigate through that jungle of fake opportunities, to try to survive, have joy and to serve those in need with great gifts, while most people seem to look for fast fix and solutions that bring them a quick setback to the illusions they lived so “happily” before life presented us with some fundamental global challenges that required some real self- work and the willingness to take responsibility.

My teacher says:” When a fish lives in a polluted water, it will eventually get sick and die.”

I often feel like I am trapped in a piranha basin and I don’t know how to get out of it, cause the piranha-solution isn’t a root-cause-transforming tool,  its poisonous and pointless for healing as everything that is vibrating at the same level as the problem.

So how to free ourselves and jump out of that toxic pool?

I felt sometimes so anxious and hopeless by all the pollution, that I tried to look for inspiration and help inside of the common system we have.

I watched free webinars made by choaches who want to coach others to coach.

It turned out they were all about promotion of programs the coaches want to sell to those who struggle to position themselves on a polluted market for high prices and only talk about how to make the next x-amount of-“K” (and I had to look up what “K” actually meant…).

Instead of showing people how to really bring out the message of love and hope to  those who have closed their doors and hearts to that and instead rather consume and fall for some common trauma coping habits.

It frustrated me that the coaches ask us to do things that are obviously annoying. 

Why should I apply zero brand methods for marketing and funnel strategies while I don’t want them to be done to me? 

So I scrolled the walls for postings from those who have a similar idea regarding serving and peace on earth.

I did find some inspiring ones and they re-lighted my passion and confirmed that there are different ways.

I also found myself watching one minute clips that are out there now from a series I used to watch in my twenties. I watched it on Tuesdays, where I cooked for my friends and went out to the dance-floor after with them.

I tried to remember the mood I was in and the feelings it ignited back then in me.

I know I liked some of the dialogues and shared some of the worries the four ladies were dealing with.

It was fun to see which of my friends was embodied in one of the characters on the screen and why I have mostly resonated with the one I did.

While I was again on this weekend recovering from the every day challenges of the past week, like for instance some technical, financial and emotional issues and issues to accomplish tasks due to lack of technology,  being bullied in a female group for sharing a different view about a health condition many women suffer from, ironically dealing at the same time with the news about an eight years old boy in my country who committed suicide cause of being bullied himself or my discovery of a women, mother of four children, who murdered her narcissist husband in the Eighties, who severely abused her mentally and emotionally and ghosted her for six years while no one provided help to any of them and much much more…

I was deeply reflecting about the way how I can find peace with all that I am experiencing and solutions for my real life problems,  I was thinking about the protagonist of the series I watched and what we had in common,  how she made it through the lows she was experiencing…and I realised, I liked her the most cause her passion was writing and putting words that constantly jump around in our heads and cause anxiety, in an order that starts to make sense and peace.

I feel the only thing that I have to say at the end of another challenging week, is that we have to stop trying to swim in a piranha pool when we are a dolphin.

We simply are not made for that.

And our task is to make peace with it and to understand that our private peace is truly eminent to the world we live in.

And when this is the only contribution we can make in these challenging times, it is bigger than we think.

Cause living in peace- consciousness is the way out of that polluted basin. 

And its definitely better than popping up with another nonsense-challenge that prevents us from looking within or to just be and feel.


I hope that my ordered words, make any sense to any one who is being challenged and looking for a spark in the dark.

Love & Peace 

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