Purity Academy : Holistic Wellbeing Lounge

About Purity

Purity is a spiritual academy for holistic wellbeing in the heart of Härjedalen, and its the only one of its kind in entire Scandinavia. 

Purity offers Tao Healing, including Spiritual Healing with Tao Calligraphy Art, Spiritual Readings, Readings from the Akasha Records, soul guided Meditations for Self Healing, unique Soul Work Outs, Soul Light Yoga, other  Classes for the spiritual growth and evolvement of the Soul, Heart, Mind and Body.

At Purity you will find monthly interactive Workshops for all kinds of exciting themes and Healer Trainings, including Tao Hands Practitioner Trainings. All of this can be enjoyed from all around the world via  livestreams and sometimes in person…

Purity’s vision is to inspire others to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle which focuses on purity in thoughts, words and actions and contributes to bring Love, Peace and Harmony to our lives and planet earth.

Purity also offers Charity services and regular free classes from the most magnificent Love Peace Harmony Field. 

Purity’s aim is to inspire people to meditate, to go within and to experience the power of the soul and the magic of following ones heart to live a life in alignment with the soul, freedom and greatest harmony with nature, both within and and around us. 

Purity always celebrates the New Moon and the Full Moon with free meditations and ceremonies cuttingly via Facebook Livestream of Magdalena Kusch account. Purity will also have celebrations of major events throughout the year, e.g., the World Earth Day, the World Peace Day and more.

We hope you got a little  idea about  Purity and will come in to enjoy and explore all that Purity has to give…

Thank you.

Magdalena Kusch is the founder of Purity

I was born in Poland and  immigrated to Germany in my early childhood where I lived with my parents and my three brothers for the most part of my life.

I work in the Healing field since 2004 and I constantly continue to educate my self in fields that make my heart dance.

First I served as a Psychologist at the Charité Berlin where I was involved in scientific research about Life Quality.

As I was always passionate about alternative healing methods, I explored  Ayurvedic Medicine, Vedic Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Beside Psychology I  studied Yoga, Tao, Tao Calligraphy Healing Art and finally Tao Science.

I travelled the world, mainly for spiritual studies and I lived in an Ashram in South of India for three months.  

I am delighted to apply all that I have ever learned including from high level masters in  different fields…

I created Purity in order to share it all, so people can benefit from all the wisdom, techniques and practices, I have ever learned and applied myself. 

I am a certified Master Teacher and Healer of the Tao Academy in Canada as well as a chosen Love, Peace Harmony Ambassador here in Sweden, where I live since June 2016. 

I am also a certified Akasha Record Reader and a Tao Calligraphy Healing Artist.

I teach Yoga since 2006 and in 2010 I developed my own yoga style called “Soul Light Yoga” that unifies traditional Yoga with the ancient and new Wisdom of Tao and Soul Healing.

I have been training healers since 2013 and have been supporting small and larger companies in their building and development process since my early twenties.

I simply love to serve and to help people to unite with their heart and soul.

I wish for everyone to be self- empowered to accomplish their life tasks and the dreams of their hearts.

Most of all I wish for Humanity and Planet Earth, at this time more than ever, to live in Love, Peace and Harmony and I hope that with Purity Holistic Wellbeing, I can offer what is in my capabilities to contribute to that goal. 

Love and Peace