Purity Academy : Holistic Wellbeing Lounge


Soul Work Out - online and onsite

Fri, Sat, Sun at Purity and via live-stream
A Soul-Work-Out is a workout for the soul. 
This is the workout of the twenty first century. It is working on and in the “information-field”. 
Dr and Grandmaster Sha says: “Heal and transform the soul first, then the healing and transformation of the mind and body will follow.”

This is the ultimate spiritual self care tool where you can boost yourself with love, light and high energies. The classes are taught in flow and are focused on the current needs of the participants in the actual group field.

There will be practices to boost the energy, vitality, stamina as well as immunity. Practices to detox on all level of the being as well as practices to increase intelligence and the capacities of the mind. We will also apply techniques to balance the emotions and learn tools that can help us to stay peaceful and calm even in the most troubled times. 

Meditation for Self Healing - online and onsite

Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun at Purity and via live-stream

This is a soul guided meditation for self healing. In this meditation we will apply empowering tools to connect deeper with our souls and to activate our self healing abilities.

We will also connect with nature and other powerful resources to transform negative information that could block our life or create conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, worries, pain, insomnia, chronic fatigue, burn out and more.

These mediations are very beneficial for the entire wellbeing as well as for our jobs, projects and companies.
They can bring more love and peace to our relationships and provide a greater over all balance in every aspect of life.

Soul Light Yoga - onsite

Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun at Purity 

Soul Light Yoga has been designed by Magdalena Kusch (certified Anusara Yoga Teacher) in 2010 and is based on ancient yoga wisdom, Anusara Yoga principles and Tao Science.

It combines asanas and soul healing tools as one and is focused on the soul power and practicing from deep within. The practitioners experience a greater alignment with the source within and in the universe.

In the classes we are sharing soul wisdom and focus on the most important universal laws and we are learning how to align parts of the body as well as the soul, heart and mind for the greatest benefit, energy flow and self healing.

Soul Light Yoga helps to absorb universal light (soul light) and to nourish the soul, heart, mind and body with positive, high vibrational information in order to heal, transform, find peace and create the Light Body.

Each class ends with a free group soul healing as well as a soul conversation to receive messages and guidance from the soul.

Happy Children - online and onsite

Thursdays at Purity and via live-stream
This online- meditation is a combination of moving and quiet practices and very much focused on a playful and joyful approach to create more balance within the soul, heart, mind and body of children.

The exercises will also focus on building a strong foundation, balancing emotions and strengthening the mind and intelligence.

The livestream can be watched on any device and the children can join together with siblings and friends.

Please note the practices are suitable for children at age 5- 15 years.

Full Moon Meditation

Next Full Moon Meditation will be on Wednesday 26.05.2021
Full Moon Meditations are soul guided meditations to connect with the power of the moon and receive positive energy, healing, guidance for our life and soul journey.
Full Moon Energy can help us to develop our energy foundation in our body as well us our spiritual channels.
The Moon as a universal servant that is in charge of the waters on planet earth, can help us to strengthen, nourish and balance our water element. In traditional Chinese medicine and Tao Science most of the physical, mental and emotional challenges are related to the water element.  
To balance and nurture the water element, the kidneys, adrenal glands can help us to transform health issues related to stress and enhance our positive qualities such as kindness, compassions, forgiveness and peace.

New Moon Meditation

Next New Moon Meditation will be on Thursday 10.06.2021
The free New Moon Meditations are soul guided practices where we absorb moon power.
The benefits of the New Moon Energy for healing and transformational have been known since centuries. Some cultures have celebrated the New Moon with sacred rituals and group ceremonies.
Each New Moon episode is different and can help human beings to achieve personal goals in any aspect of life and unique for spiritual growth. 
In these meditations we apply soul power and we combine ancient and modern spiritual practices to transform negative information and to uplift our frequency and vibration.